Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bagels vs Doughnuts

I've worked as a software engineer for the past 7 years now. I don't
call myself a software engineer, because it's not what I want to be
doing. It pays the bills. It's just like when I waited tables, it
paid the bills. I didn't go up to a hot chick and say, "Hey baby.
I'm a waiter." (The Zombieslayer's pick up lines didn't get much
better than that).

Now every job gets its perks. Waiters get phone numbers, pizza drivers
get to exchange pizza for better food, masseuses who have been doing it
for awhile can barter just about everything. Software engineers
expect three things - free drinks, bagels once a week, and doughnuts
once a week.

A lot of my fellow employees get all excited when the bagels come. I
myself get excited when the doughnuts come. Bagels are like
unflavored doughnuts. They look similiar, but take a bite into a
bagel and you get a mouthful of dough. Yuck. Bagels are only good
with the right toppings. Doughnuts are always good.

Here in California, we have three types of doughnut stores. We have
Krispy Kreme, Winchell's, and everything else. Krispy Kreme are
wonderful if you eat them within 60 minutes. They're best hot, but
for some strange reason, they don't keep well. Winchell's are okay
even when stuck in the fridge, and everything else ranges from the
very bad to the very good. Those shops are usually indie doughnut
places. Still, I'd take even the bad indie doughnuts over a freshly
made bagel with the best of toppings.

So if we only had room for one more person in the anti-zombie
compound and a bagel cook and a doughnut cook banged on the door,
sorry bagel guy. Best of luck.


Blogger Jason said...

It's funny how KK quickly became the rage out here. When I was in Kentucky we were kind of indifferent to them. I think Californians like them because they come in such neat packages vs. the big ol' sloppy Winchell amorphous types.

5/19/2005 12:35 PM  
Blogger Leslie said...

I miss the Shipley doughnut stores in Texas. And here in Tulsa we have a chain called Daylight Doughnuts. We do have some KK's, but I really don't understand what all the hype is about. They're overly sweet, and I just plain can't stand them. Sorry KK. Both Winchell's and Dunkin Doughnuts aren't too bad. But the best I ever had were in Texas at Shipley.

As far as bagels go, Tulsa has several chains and stores fighting over popularity. Bagels are the big thing here. I mean, there are stores that just sell bagels...and coffee, OJ, and other beverages. They have 50 different kinds of cream cheese in regular, low-fat and non-fat, and they even make sandwiches on bagels for lunch and bagel pizzas. Personally, I like a bagel every now and then. Bones is crazy about the asiago cheese bagels at Panera Bread Company, but I like plain bagels with plain cream cheese mostly.

But, like you, I'll take a doughnut over a bagel any day. I'm just saying that bagels aren't bad.

5/19/2005 1:21 PM  
Anonymous lawrence the bagel cook said...

why you gotta be dissin' my job, son? it ain't got nothin' to do with bagels. you just hate me because i'm black.

5/19/2005 3:43 PM  
Blogger Bo Salisbury said...

Zombieslayer is spot on here... KK are excellent hot out of the grease, but the quality degrades exponentially with each minute.

You may find this hard to believe, but I didn't drink coffee until I was about 27 years old... I'll never forget the first time I took a bite of a doughnut and chased it with coffee... there's nothing like it and the quality of the coffee doesn't seem to be a factor. The quality of the doughnut, however, is critical.

5/19/2005 7:28 PM  
Blogger clothosfate said...

my father has a nickname... 'Doughnutboy'

5/19/2005 9:43 PM  
Blogger bsoholic said...

You can't beat Krispey Kream, there is one a few blocks from my condo. I love to bring a dozen or so to work to watch the general population go nuts. good times...

5/19/2005 9:53 PM  
Blogger Sadie Lou said...

doughnuts are sick. I'm serious. I even came to this conclusion as a young kid and kids will eat anything that ants would eat. Nothing about doughnuts sound appitizing. Fried and glazed? Bleck.

5/20/2005 10:19 AM  
Anonymous fred from Tassie said...

I dont eat that yankee doughnut shit, cant beat a fair dinkum aussie meat pie especially after a good pissup. any how whats the guff on this wobble or wobbly stuff, it started as a buzz but even the ugly sheilas here are going sucking mad over tit sucking its a bit chilly in tassie now and my lips are sore but i'll give it a go stone the crows.Iwas up in banana land further out than the black stump. i kissed this abo sheila on her christ they were big wobblies tasted like dingo shit i got crook a few days after. you got a right bunch over there dont say a lot then it seems crap to me g/day fred

5/25/2005 11:06 PM  
Blogger FunkBass said...

Thanks for leaving some comments on my blog I think you are the first person to actually look at it!
So is doughnuts really gonna be the highlight of my life? I'm a software engineer too..well doing degree and about to start my first Software Engineering job in July with a big global company.
I'm glad u also appreciate the funk! I too love the Heavy Metal and stuff, the more melodic like Led Zeppelin is for me and I'm impressed that you go for a bit of classical too..thats quality, my first instrument is Cello so I have big time appreciation for that....Just remember...LIVE THE FUNK!

5/26/2005 6:46 AM  
Anonymous vicar (Mebourne) said...

It does appear that this W---ly thing is converging on the world.
A member of my congregation removed her coat and gasps were heard all around the church, it completely disrupted my service

5/27/2005 5:01 PM  
Anonymous george from melbourne said...

yep we know allabout you randy sod, i Bet you love it, you must be bluey the ginger nut pastor from downtown st kilda- what was that other monicker you have-derek the clerek-- small boys scandle, I tell you mate he's a creep, got to go got a bad head from last nite i got sprung having a pee in the car park-50bucks spot fine- a woman copper- i wont tell you how the conversation went

5/27/2005 9:39 PM  
Anonymous kilda said...

It was a set up, all of us ragers from the night before went into boy shagger derek the clereks church, after about ten mins melanie stood up dropped her top and did a pivital turn standing on the pew, real cool, the middle aged congregation - well some were shocked, we all laughed - some smiled, but we ran out of the church chanting wobblie wobblie wobblies

5/28/2005 7:34 PM  

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