Thursday, July 28, 2005

She Creature

If you go to DVD stores as much as I do, you might have seen a movie called She Creature staring back at you. It was one of the Creature Features movies made to emulate the 1950s horror classics. Of the bunch, supposedly this one was the only one that was any good.

You know you're curious and you're just waiting for someone you trust to review it. Well, as someone you'd trust your life with (but not your daughters), here's my review.

She Creature is a tale about a bunch of carnies in 1905 Ireland who come across a real live mermaid. The old sailor that they "buy" the mermaid from warns them that she's dangerous, but of course the stupid carnies, only thinking about dollar signs don't heed the old sailor's warnings.

So they head on to brighter pastures, America, with this mermaid locked up in a big fishtank. I won't give up more than that of the plot though, but let's just say there's a reason sailors are terrified of mermaids.

The movie makers did a fine job with the sets and the cast was okay. They set it up like the early 1900s Ireland, and the manor house and the boat gave an eerie feeling. It actually had a decent story line.

As an added bonus, Carla Gugino starred. She's absolutely adorable and throughout the movie, I hoped she didn't get killed. Carla's a hottie. You might have seen her in Sin City. Unlike Jessica Alba though, Ms. Gugino's a decent actress.

With the advances in computers, they won't be making too many movies like this anymore. They used real live props. It almost felt like a dark ride in parts.

I'm well aware that didn't rate this one pretty high, but it crept me out when I first saw it on HBO. I just knew something terrible would happen with the mermaid.

If you like cheesy horror movies, it's worth spending the $10 on this one. It's so much better than any of the movies in that awful Scream series and it's quasi-fantasy too as well as horror.

7 dead zombies out of 10.


Blogger Shawn said...

I'm going to go look for it today. I'll let you know if I find it...

7/29/2005 11:08 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

verrrry interesting. I might have to look that one up.

7/29/2005 1:16 PM  

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