Thursday, May 05, 2005

Google vs Goliath?

What if?

You probably know by now that Microsoft has a long-term strategy to kill Google. Google is cool, Microsoft has never invented ANYTHING, so is Microsoft jealous? The answer is no. Rather, Microsoft is scared. Imagine that.

But scared of what?

I'll tell you what. Google is powered by linux/bsd. Their search is unarguably better than MSN. Their gmail is unarguably better than hotmail. They are starting to invest in OpenOffice, which has less features, but less bloat and less security holes than Microsoft Office. And people actually like Google. Nobody likes Microsoft besides Microsoft's employees and former employees.

What if suddenly, Google decides to release GLinux, its very own version of linux with everything a user needs? Imagine, GLinux pre-installed on a machine you buy. Comes with OpenOffice, a better-looking version of KDE (Linux's most popular desktop), and a nifty game or two. With Google's 60-something billion dollar market cap, let them either buy out a few good gaming companies or make their own games, and make a partnership with Sony for some games as well. As is, Microsoft has managed to piss off Sony and Nintendo and within a few years, we might see Nintendo as irrelevant as Sega with Sony sweating bullets.

If I were running Google, I'd be thinking of a long-term gameplan to destroy Microsoft and that would be it. I'd think that way because it's already known Microsoft has a long-term plan to destroy Google, as it has destroyed Netscape and just about everyone else it stole ideas from (except Apple, but Microsoft has come very close to making Apple irrelevant. Jobs is amazing to bring Apple back from the dead, but that's another story).

From a personal standpoint, I hope Google does it. I'd much rather see Google as the giant than Microsoft. If anyone high up in Google sees this, give me a buzz and I'll be more than happy to talk strategies. I do want to be compensated in stock though, which I'm sure shouldn't be a problem for you.


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