Monday, June 27, 2005

I got tagged again

All right Laurie. I got tagged again so here goes...

10 years ago...I was waiting tables and drumming with Native Americans. No, I'm not Native American myself but I used to tutor Indian kids with learning disabilities and I guess they liked me enough that they asked me to drum with them. It was a great time and I loved doing it. I took an outdoor survival course with them as well as learned how to really track deer, the old way. I was flat broke, but I think that time period taught me what really mattered in life. I'm kind of thick-headed though so I still forget it all the time.

5 years ago...We had just moved to California from Washington state and I had the coolest job I've ever had. I worked at a software company that was in the process of getting bought out by another one. We were partying like it was 1999 every weekend. I liked every single person in the office. We played soccer every Wednesday, volleyball on the beach every Friday, then went out for dinner and drinks before hitting the town. I miss those days.

1 year ago...We were homeless (living in a motel) and broke. We knew what we were doing though and knew that if we pulled it off right, we'd be back where we were five years ago within a year (and we were almost right, we're not where we were five years ago just yet).

Yesterday...Had an old friend from that job five years ago and his new wife over from the San Francisco Bay Area. I showed them around this small town and they're glad they don't live here (too redneck for them). I taught them how to play Spoons (greatest card game ever) the night before last (Savage lost - Savage, you're glad we only made you drink a shot, you should have seen some of the punishments we've had in the past when people lost) and his wife actually beat me at Speed (very few people ever beat me at Speed).

Today...We have a rat. No, not a pet rat but a rat that's eating through our dishwasher hoses. Now every time we use the dishwasher, we have a big puddle on the floor. I'm currently waiting for the pest guy but I'm tempted to go under the house with one of my shotguns and take care of the rat myself. Tonight I have Spoken Word to do and I have no idea which piece to do yet.

Tomorrow...Don't know yet.

5 snacks I enjoy...Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk, Almond Joy, See's Candies, olives (I love olives), and this might be gross to some people but I used to eat a whole can of anchovies back when I delivered pizza. Yummy.

5 songs I know all the words to...Okay, I'm going to cheat here and not do a single Heavy Metal song because nobody would know what I'm talking about. U2's One, Marianne Faithfull's Who Will Take My Dreams Away?, The Motel's Only the Lonely, Tori Amos' Winter, Mazzy Star's Flowers in December.

5 reality televisions shows I watch...We get exactly zero television channels and I like it that way. No, I'm not some anti-tv pretentious snob. We get zero channels because if we had a tv, I'd be watching it instead of getting things done. So when I was staying with my friend M in Santa Barbara, we'd watch that Donald Trump show. I just liked the end when he fires people for being dumb. That part was cool.

5 television shows I watch daily...If we had tv, I'd watch Seinfeld and The Dave Chappelle Show.

5 things I would do with $100 million.... I may not get that rich, but I plan on being rich some day and getting it all now will just speed up my plans. 1) build the anti-zombie compound, 2) design a small amusement park, 3) buy several hotels and apartment complexes so the money never stops coming in, 4) travel the world, 5) start the Zombieslayer College Scholarship Foundation.

5 locations I would love to run away to...Italy, New Zealand, Cozumel/Caribbean, Key West, Montana.

5 things I like doing...Food, family, friends, sports, and playing music.

5 things I would never wear...A tuxedo, a suit to work.

5 recently seen movies I like...Star Wars III, Shaun of the Dead, Finding Neverland, Harry Potter 3, Lord of the Rings 3.

5 famous people I'd like to meet...Monica Bellucci, Alessia Merz (both hot Italian actresses), Ron Paul (Texas Congressman and fellow gun nut), Ralph Nader (saw him speak once, his safety features saved my face), Rob Halford.

5 biggest joys of the moment...Our new entertainment center, our new grill, Judas Priest's new album, Nightwish's new album, doing Spoken Word again (which I haven't done in seven years).

5 people to tag. I'm going to break the rules and just tag three people because these guys need to update their blogs! Levi, Vest and Dave B, you're tagged.


Blogger Melanie said...

Oh my gosh! You like Mazzy Star? I've never met anyone else who liked them. I love Mazzy Star. "Fade Into You" is my favorite song.

I think you have lead a very interesting life. And I would pick those 5 places to go. Especially Italy.

6/27/2005 5:19 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

That's the only Mazzy Star song I know. Hope Sandoval is on my all-time rock music hotties list, though.

6/27/2005 5:55 PM  
Blogger Bridget Jones said...

Thanks for not tagging me with this one, ZS. I don't like it at all. Your answers are KEWL because you've gone through so much so fast, and are so level headed through it all. Pretty sure I wouldn't have dealt with it as well as you.


6/27/2005 7:26 PM  
Blogger Kunaxa said...

I see a 'prank' on Mrs. Zombieslayer or Jr.

Get one of those plastic real-looking toy rats and put it inside a cup or a bowl in the dishwasher.

Then ask to please be handed the specific item from the dishwasher containing the rat.

Not sure if Mrs. Z reads this, but I just blew it if she does.

6/27/2005 7:35 PM  
Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

Melanie and Jason - you actually know Mazzy Star? So cool. I think Hope is definitely a hottie. Yes, "Fade Into You" is a killer song.

Bridget - Well, it hasn't been easy, especially going through all that money so fast. I've driven Mrs. Zombieslayer up the wall and poor Junior's been to five schools in five years. Now she just wants to live in one place.

Cultureshocked - It won't work. Ever been to Disneyland? Well, by the Jungle Cruise ride, there's a place that sells very realistic looking rats. In fact, I have one that I'll be using for a prop next Halloween we bought from there. I have yet to see a prop more realistic then the ones you can buy there.

6/27/2005 10:35 PM  
Blogger Vest said...

DONE DONE You son of a gun
READ vest Daily gaggle.

6/28/2005 7:57 AM  
Blogger Sadie Lou said...

I liked Mazzy Star's song Fade Into You as well Melanie, because I didn't know anyone who actually bought a cd and new any other songs...*laughing*

I LOVE olives! Especially calamatta(sp?)olives. Have you ever had a Greek Salad with all kinds of olives in it? It's heaven I tell ya!
My husband always orders Vodka tonics whenever we go to a bar and he gets some olives so that I can have an olive all swollen and vodka-logged...mmmmmmm...olives.

6/28/2005 10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's the Spoken Word?

6/28/2005 1:21 PM  
Blogger Kunaxa said...


Zombieslayer, can you give us the spoken word in the form of a (written) entry? If not, how about one of those Audio Post things?

6/28/2005 7:35 PM  
Blogger dave said...

hey zombie, when i get tagged does it mean that i have to answer all of the same questions that are presented in this post?

6/29/2005 11:11 AM  
Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

Dave - yeah, just do the same thing I did.

Cultureshocked - not sure what you mean. You mean me do spoken word for the entry?

Anonymous - Spoken Word can be anything spoken, from poetry to storytelling. I do a sort of comedy since the coffee house I do it at is so dang depressing. We have people mainly doing spoken word on suicide and failed relationships. So I do the reverse - make people laugh.

Sadie - That's why I like martinis now. Love them olives. :)

Vest - cool. I commented.

6/29/2005 11:38 AM  

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